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Over 30 videos – A 70-page workbook – Over 120 coaching questions

You will be amazed at how just one insight, leading to one change can awaken so much more connection and have such a transformative effect on you and your child.

This Powerful Autism Insights coaching resource is a collection of over 30 videos with pdf worksheets explaining our special journey that led to such success for our child with autism. As well as our story, each worksheet contains special take-aways and coaching questions to help you gain a deeper level of clarity about what you want for your child.

In the videos I share specific, key, thought-provoking insights that changed the trajectory of our child’s life so that you can discover if these insights can help your child too. Each video is 5-10 minutes long and contains the challenge we faced, what we discovered and the outcome of having outworked this new insight for 12 years.

The videos and worksheets show how you can understand your child in new ways, how you can understand yourself and discover more of what you really want, how you can learn to reduce your child’s distress, build closeness and connection, help your child with speech, friendships and learning, and also develop wider thinking around the issue of school and additional ways of learning.

Each of these videos and worksheets follows our journey from the much-used behaviour-based, systemised approach, to the child-led, relationship-first approach that worked so well for us. It was when we transitioned from Applied Behavioural Analysis to the Son-Rise Program® that we saw the biggest changes in our child.

This coaching resource contains thought-provoking videos with correlating worksheets providing take-aways and coaching questions in the following areas to help you gain clarity for your child’s development.


Helping reduce my child’s stress

Helping my child to be less controlling

Helping my child through meltdowns

Understanding my child’s need to switch off and have downtime

Understanding my child’s stimming and reducing his need to do it

Learning that my child may not be being naughty after all

Helping to reduce my child’s social anxiety

ABOUT YOU and your understanding

Changing my view of my child’s autism

Re-framing what people said about my child

Managing my child’s self-esteem

Dual exceptionality

Becoming more empowered to help my child’s development

Learning the importance of relationship-building over premature independence


Connecting more with my child

Helping my child to connect and interact

Helping my child engage more with people

Helping my child reach goals through motivations

Helping my child socially through motivations

Helping my child develop social skills

Helping my child develop their thinking

Helping my child see from other people’s points of view

Theory of Mind Assessment questions

Helping my child to speak – ‘stop the world’

Learning the importance of responding to my child’s authentic voice

Active listening

Project conversation

Being my child’s interpreter


The importance of helping my child aim to be his authentic self

How I helped my son be his authentic self

Examples of how I helped my son become his authentic self


The benefits of one-to-one learning

Is how the school teaches beneficial to how your child learns?

Considering whether school is the best place for your child

Sample Resource: Helping my child through meltdowns

Sample Worksheets (Click to View)

The doctors told me I would never walk. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother

– Wilma Rudolph, a three-times Gold Medallist in Rome.