Releasing MY Child’s Potential

I work with parents of children on the autistic spectrum who want to see their child relaxing, laughing and easily learning but who find themselves stuck on how to help with their child’s distress, anxiety and shut-downs

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FOREWORD by Raun K Kaufman

Author of Autism Breakthrough

You have picked up one of those rare books that can alter the trajectory of your life. And, if you have a child on the autism spectrum, this book can certainly enable you to change the life of that special person.


What you are about to read is a very moving story of a family’s journey through autism – but it isn’t only that. It is a practical and inspirational blueprint for how you can approach a child or adult who has special challenges. There is a lot to take from this book, and I am very excited for you to take it. The messages we receive and the advice we are often given when our children are diagnosed with autism or a related challenge can be incredibly unhelpful, counterproductive, and even unkind. Without question, this was true for Sally.


The difference with her is that, after weathering an incredible array of challenges with her son, with herself, and with the people trying to help her son, Sally breaks free. And, in so doing, she is able to help her son in the most profound way.



Helping your child in their development is not a sacrifice – it’s an honour!


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‘Your book is taking my breath away. I just wanted to tell you how much of my heart and head is getting entwined in your words. Already I want the world to read it!’

Sarah Siggs, author of Mud Boy, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers